The Spinal Cord Damage In Children

After spine surgery, in the rehabilitation period, you may need to manage soreness, pain, stiffness and limited mobility. Different kinds of spine surgery involve the need to limit your exercises and activities. Therefore you may require assistive tools at home.
The rehabilitation process incorporates avoiding exercises like twisting, lifting, or bending for a few weeks or even months or more.

Regularly, you must be extremely careful about your return to complete physical activities after surgery, appropriate and completely restoration of bones may take over a year.

Advantages of Post Surgery Aid Items

There are many post surgery aid items intended to make the recuperation procedure less problematic. Many are designed to provide mobility assistance and fall prevention and help you with twisting, reaching stretching, bending, turning, lifting and various other daily activities.

Here are some extremely useful items that will help you throughout the recovery period;

1. Swivel Cushion

Swivel cushions allow you to turn easily while putting less pressure on the healing part of the spine. It is normally used on chairs in homes and car seats. It is important to remember that swivel cushions will not work well in deep cushioned seats like recliners or some very soft seats. On harder, flat surfaced chairs and hard car seats it can work well. It allows you to rotate your body into the way you want to look or reach something.

2. Grabber

If your rehabilitation process requires limited activity, then you must invest in a grabber, also known as reacher. A well designed grabber will allow you to pick up things with ease without even walking. Some grabbers come with grip and grab convenience and are very light in weight to put less pressure on you spine when you try to reach any item.

3. Handrails

Handrails help you to get out of bed and walk in your house with ease and also prevent sudden falls due to stiffness and pain. You can ask someone to install handrails in walls, beds, and toilet so you can walk and stand up easily.

4. Quad Cane

A light weight quad cane will help you going for walks and standing up, that once was challenging after surgery. Some quad canes are foldable and easily carried everywhere. You can use it when you want to use toilet and to go for a walk as a workout in the end of your recovery period.

5. Heating Pads and Ice Packs

Alternating hot and cold compresses helps to relieve pain faster. It is one of the essential items to have during recovery period. If your spine surgeon doesn’t tell you, ask him or her how use alternating hot and cold compresses.

6. Extra Pillows and Cushions

Pillows and cushions add extra support for your spine. You can also place one under your knees to slightly rise when lying on you back to put less pressure on the spinal cord. Use firm pillows to prop up to a reclining position. If you sleep in a side lying position, you must tuck a cushion between your knees to keep your lower back at rest.

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