The Reason Gardening Is Good For Your Health

Spring is in the air. And when spring is on the horizon, many of us are aching to get out and plant a garden. In the interim, there are a lot of garden shows and seeds that we can buy to plan our ultimate garden outside. Spring is such a hopeful time of year.

But did you know that gardening had a lot of health benefits too. When we are out in nature to garden, we get to commune with nature and we get to feel so much better about ourselves and about life in general. Many times, our problems just melt away, and we release a lot of feel good endorphins.

But there are more benefits than this even. In this article I will outline some of these benefits of gardening in more detail so that you can also get urge to start planning your garden earlier this year than ever.

So, without further ado, here are the known benefits of gardening.

• When you plant your seeds in the ground and watch them grow, you have a sense of achievement and accomplishment. This can help you to feel better and more motivated.

• You will weed out negative thoughts. As you are weeding your garden, you can think of your negative thoughts just like weeds that you can get rid of. And as you pull out your weeds, imagine weeding your negative thoughts one at a time. This will help you feel better overall and less depressed.

• You will be getting some much needed vitamin D from the sun. During the dark winter months, we lack a lot of vitamin D. During the summer, we get to replenish our supplies of this important vitamin for our overall health and well-being.

• Getting out in nature can also give you a healthy distraction. For instance, if you are nibble on food in the afternoon perhaps you should get out into nature instead of grabbing that chocolate bar at 3 pm. Not only will you feel better because you controlled your appetites but you may even lose weight. You will also not feel as guilty about snacking all the time.

• You can grow fresh produce. This will help you to be healthier in that you will be eating foods that you should more often and eat food you shouldn’t eat less often.

• You will get some exercise. So, instead of being sedentary most of the day, even ten or fifteen minutes of exercise a day can really help you feel better.

By growing a garden, we can experience a lot of psychological and physical benefits. So, embrace spring, and take the time to grow a garden. You will be very glad that you did as spring turns into summer.

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