Affordable Care Act About Health

The Democrats have forgotten they passed a health-care bill that nobody read, where Nancy Pelosi famously said they had to pass to see what was in it, when not a single Republican voted in favor and has greatly exceeded the original Congressional Budget Office (CBO) cost projections.

It has been a failure from the beginning. Soon, we will witness its welcomed demise. Taxpayers were duped and lied to by President Obama, and the Democratic Party. They were sold a worthless bill of goods. If you cannot afford it, and the deductibles exceed the ability to pay… it is useless to the consumer. The only ones who have benefited from the Affordable Care Act (ACA} are the Congress because they exempted themselves from participation.

Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) named House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) its February 2017 Porker of the Month for her long history of misinformation and hyperbole regarding the ACA.

In January 2017, Nancy Pelosi stated, the Affordable Care Act accomplished ” it’s three purposes to increase coverage, expand those who got healthcare; to improve benefits, and to lower costs, and it has succeeded in every way.” It appears, every time she gets in front of a camera, she exaggerates the facts to suit her agenda. The facts are better known as “lies.”

A January 2017 Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projection found:

The Affordable Care Act covers less than half of the original estimate of 30 million.

There are 14 million Americans enrolled in the ACA since the law was fully implemented; eighty-four percent are covered under Medicaid whose expenses are not paid by the consumer. There is no cost or deductible applied to those qualified for the program.

Medicaid recipients receive inadequate quality care coverage where about forty percent of doctors accept Medicaid beneficiaries.

Many Obamacare enrollees who received new private health insurance are finding that their high-deductible plans make it impossible to go to a doctor because they cannot afford to use the plan purchased under the Affordable Care Act.

The cost of Congressional Pork Projects to buy votes to pass the ACA is over four billion dollars. Congressman and Senators identified lucrative Commercial Organizations, Government Entities, Unions, and Non-Profit Organizations to all benefit handsomely in the passing of this bill.

Affordable Care Act Costs have escalated so much, insurance companies like Humana and Aetna announced they would longer continue to participate. The projection for those insured is bleak with planned triple premium increases in thirty-eight states and over seventy percent of counties offering as little as one to two choices of approved insurance companies.

The result is a further decrease in competition allowing for the increase in premiums and deductions to skyrocket. Not only are deductibles too high, depending on your plan, the Insurer only pays sixty to seventy percent of the hospital bill. The ACA has created a market that offers only two options which force consumers to either buy insurance with deductibles that are so high patient care is unaffordable, or they can pay the tax levied for not having the insurance. Both are deal breakers for the consumer.

It is a law passed to ensure President Obama’s Legacy. As with Obama’ Presidency, it is a phenomenal failure; like President Obama, it is time to go. Let this Congress finally pass a health-care bill that benefits all Americans and has no special provisions for the Congress. Let this bill stand-alone without billions of dollars in PORK and additional taxes hidden in the bill to buy votes for its passage. Pass a bill that helps make America Great Again.

“No matter what you write, someone will love it.”