Changing the Face With PACS

PACS stands for radiology picture archiving communications systems and lately, you might have seen lot of PACS system installed in the health radiology departments across the country. This system comes very handy to the medical professionals as one can capture, store, send and display medical images from one workstation to another workstation.

It has totally transformed the working of the radiology department as it has simplified scheduling, patient tracking and generation of reports and that too in time. It also allows X-ray and CAT-scan images to be electronically stored and then view them on the computer screen. PACS not only creates film less images but also improves the diagnosis methods as doctor’s get full access to compare multiple images by the click of the button through PACS.

PACS has improved the working of the hospital by increasing the efficiency of diagnosis and reporting. Every hospital and healthcare centre wants to deliver best services to their patients, to simplify the process, and to meet the demands of the patients; hospitals have opted for PACS.

There are various reasons why in these days medical centers are going for PACS, but one out of them is speed as we all are aware that earlier, images were taken on the film and then they were developed and this was very time-consuming process. Moreover, if consultation was required, then these films were sent by post to the physician for consultation. But now images can reach a physician who is far away in seconds through PACS.

Why every radiological department needs PACS:
• It’s affordable and images are in digital form therefore, it eliminates the possibility of losing the images.
• Image is much clearer, and this helps to improve the diagnosis methods.
• Doctor’s can easily manipulate the images and get full detailed image on the screen.
• Multiple clinicians can view the images simultaneously.
• PACS has helped a lot in training process and has provided better teaching experience to the medical students who got exposure to the various digital images through web.

Once you have decided that you want PACS for your healthcare and center then the first question that strikes will be where you will get it then, let me tell you can trust Allengers. It has 30 years of medical experience, and its PACS system is highly effective and easy to use and its been installed is many hospitals and eventually improved the working of the various departments.

Gurpreet Singh is a blogger, who has discussed about PACS and why picture archiving and communications system is highly effective for hospitals.