New methods to fight breast cancer

We know that breast cancer is one of the most terrible and difficult diagnosis that exist both for the patient, as well as for the families of the patient. The breast cancer begins to develop in the mammary tissues and there are two main types of breast cancer:

  1. The ductal carcinoma: This begins in the pipes or tubes that carry milk from the breast to the nipple. It is worth mentioning that the majority of breast cancer are of this type.
  2. The lobular carcinoma: This begins to make its appearance in the part of the breast, which are known as lobules that produce milk.

Very rarely does  breast cancer begin in other areas of the breast, is why today has created a unique and innovative system that allows doctors to mark areas with different colors where the cancer has been removed to find out if this is growing at the same point or is growing in a different site of the breast.

If you like women who have suffered from this terrible disease, want to know more about this new method created especially for the fight against breast cancer, then we invite you to that filter out by the information shared in this your official website and get in contact with the customer service staff that they gladly will answer each of the questions you have regarding to this system.

You can also investigate a lot more about all the new advances that have been made by medical specialists to combat breast cancer. It is very important to remind each and every one of the women and men who are already in an age of more than 40 years and that their families there are histories of people who have had cancer before, to visit the specialized clinics in mammographic exams to make the relevant examinations and in this way to be able to be more relaxed.

Don’t hesitate to get an exam and any time is ideal for exams of breast cancer, because every minute is vital. We are already a step ahead to detect breast cancer on time and you can see our work here in this web site to give you an idea of hard work that we have been doing in order to be able to take you to the families a bit of peace and security.