Changing the Face With PACS

PACS stands for radiology picture archiving communications systems and lately, you might have seen lot of PACS system installed in the health radiology departments across the country. This system comes very handy to the medical professionals as one can capture, store, send and display medical images from one workstation to another workstation.

It has totally transformed the working of the radiology department as it has simplified scheduling, patient tracking and generation of reports and that too in time. It also allows X-ray and CAT-scan images to be electronically stored and then view them on the computer screen. PACS not only creates film less images but also improves the diagnosis methods as doctor’s get full access to compare multiple images by the click of the button through PACS.

PACS has improved the working of the hospital by increasing the efficiency of diagnosis and reporting. Every hospital and healthcare centre wants to deliver best services to their patients, to simplify the process, and to meet the demands of the patients; hospitals have opted for PACS.

There are various reasons why in these days medical centers are going for PACS, but one out of them is speed as we all are aware that earlier, images were taken on the film and then they were developed and this was very time-consuming process. Moreover, if consultation was required, then these films were sent by post to the physician for consultation. But now images can reach a physician who is far away in seconds through PACS.

Why every radiological department needs PACS:
• It’s affordable and images are in digital form therefore, it eliminates the possibility of losing the images.
• Image is much clearer, and this helps to improve the diagnosis methods.
• Doctor’s can easily manipulate the images and get full detailed image on the screen.
• Multiple clinicians can view the images simultaneously.
• PACS has helped a lot in training process and has provided better teaching experience to the medical students who got exposure to the various digital images through web.

Once you have decided that you want PACS for your healthcare and center then the first question that strikes will be where you will get it then, let me tell you can trust Allengers. It has 30 years of medical experience, and its PACS system is highly effective and easy to use and its been installed is many hospitals and eventually improved the working of the various departments.

Gurpreet Singh is a blogger, who has discussed about PACS and why picture archiving and communications system is highly effective for hospitals.

Your Quality Of Life

Quality of Life Verses Caregiver Burnout

Yesterday you were a father, mother, son, daughter, or a blood relative. Suddenly, and without warning, circumstances have placed you in the role of caregiver for a loved one. Some caregiver training will be made available to you and other family members.

Nonetheless, this transition process can be daunting and seemingly overwhelming, but it’s not mission impossible. When unexpected circumstances put a family member into the role of caregiver, quality of life takes on new meaning.

When the quality of life for a caregiver suffers, the effectiveness of the caregiver is reduced. In my three decade professional nursing career, I saw burnout destroy careers of many a good nurse. Burnout zaps the effectiveness of a caregiver.

When care giving for anyone, especially a loved one, you never want to lose your effectiveness. Quality of life for the caregiver is directly proportional to their effectiveness as a caregiver and the quality of life for their loved one. There is a better than average chance, research indicates about a 75% chance, you will be faced with burnout.

If you have the responsibility of caring for a loved one, compromising the quality of your life can put you on the road leading to burnout. You can avoid burnout by practicing a regular program of caregiver wellness with the use of hypnosis.

Pay it forward

The human and caregiver experience is anything but mundane. As a caregiver you will have good days, and disappointing days. There will be days your abilities and mental toughness are tested. Other days will be gratifying, with untold opportunity to learn valuable lessons.

When the latter occurs, pay it forward, or pass it on. In the long run, it is insight and knowledge which improves the quality of life for a loved one under your care. I considered it icing on the cake when I learned to manage my quality of life, and I am paying forward this lesson.

In 2010 I was fortunate and honored to meet a hypnotherapist, author, and teacher named Beverly Taylor. She is the CEO and founder of the Easy Key to Life Institute, a provider of hypnotherapy services and hypnotist certification classes worldwide.

I completed Beverly’s hypnotist course, earning my certification later that year. Honestly, I have not looked back since. Hypnotism is no parlor trick. Its uses have been accepted and endorsed by the American Medical and Psychological Associations for over a half century.

What’s most exciting for me is the acceptance of hypnosis by the medical community for its many medical uses. The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health has clearly recognized and defined the use of this amazing complementary integrative health intervention called hypnosis.

Note the difference between complementary and complimentary. Complementary refers to the use of a recognized intervention along with conventional medicine. It complements a conventional practice.

Complimentary refers to someone saying nice things to another, or, complimenting, someone.

Become a RUDE Caregiver.

The acronym I came up with which supports increasing quality of life, comfort, and safety, is to be a RUDE caregiver, in that, you practice your profession with;

• Respect

• Understanding

• Dignity

• Empathy

These words foster a healthy care environment. They reflect the essence of a caregiver practice which fosters increased quality of life for clients, and reduces the chance of burnout for the caregiver.

Imagine the harmony that is created by implementing this acronym. There may be times when clients or patients are unable to verbally express their gratitude and appreciation for your service.

There is no need to feel unappreciated or bad about the thank you, which sometimes may not be communicated. Keep in mind the importance and impact you have on the life of those you care for. You become an integral element in providing quality of life and care, so always;

• Respect yourself

• Understand the situation

• Dignity is practiced

• Empathy is practiced

This is the essence of the caregiver profession.

Hypnosis Can Improve Your Career and Life

Hypnosis is a completely natural process which is just a state of deep relaxation which allows for greater concentration and focus on any issue. With hypnosis, you naturally relieve yourself of perceptions and beliefs which negatively affect how you perform your duties.

It takes practice, but hypnosis can improve self-esteem and remove unrealistic limiting beliefs affecting your work performance. Harness the power of your subconscious mind and reduce work related stress. Stress is the main ingredient of caregiver burnout.

I have a passion for teaching and for alleviating the suffering that occurs as a result of disease. In combining the two, the caregiver learns and benefits, as do loved ones under their care. I urge caregivers to educate yourselves about what you can do to avoid burnout.

If I can prevent burnout, through education, for just one caregiver, I view it as a contribution. Taking care of yourself makes you an effective caregiver for your loved one. Take care of yourself by limiting work hours and share the care giving responsibility with other family members

Affordable Care Act About Health

The Democrats have forgotten they passed a health-care bill that nobody read, where Nancy Pelosi famously said they had to pass to see what was in it, when not a single Republican voted in favor and has greatly exceeded the original Congressional Budget Office (CBO) cost projections.

It has been a failure from the beginning. Soon, we will witness its welcomed demise. Taxpayers were duped and lied to by President Obama, and the Democratic Party. They were sold a worthless bill of goods. If you cannot afford it, and the deductibles exceed the ability to pay… it is useless to the consumer. The only ones who have benefited from the Affordable Care Act (ACA} are the Congress because they exempted themselves from participation.

Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) named House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) its February 2017 Porker of the Month for her long history of misinformation and hyperbole regarding the ACA.

In January 2017, Nancy Pelosi stated, the Affordable Care Act accomplished ” it’s three purposes to increase coverage, expand those who got healthcare; to improve benefits, and to lower costs, and it has succeeded in every way.” It appears, every time she gets in front of a camera, she exaggerates the facts to suit her agenda. The facts are better known as “lies.”

A January 2017 Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projection found:

The Affordable Care Act covers less than half of the original estimate of 30 million.

There are 14 million Americans enrolled in the ACA since the law was fully implemented; eighty-four percent are covered under Medicaid whose expenses are not paid by the consumer. There is no cost or deductible applied to those qualified for the program.

Medicaid recipients receive inadequate quality care coverage where about forty percent of doctors accept Medicaid beneficiaries.

Many Obamacare enrollees who received new private health insurance are finding that their high-deductible plans make it impossible to go to a doctor because they cannot afford to use the plan purchased under the Affordable Care Act.

The cost of Congressional Pork Projects to buy votes to pass the ACA is over four billion dollars. Congressman and Senators identified lucrative Commercial Organizations, Government Entities, Unions, and Non-Profit Organizations to all benefit handsomely in the passing of this bill.

Affordable Care Act Costs have escalated so much, insurance companies like Humana and Aetna announced they would longer continue to participate. The projection for those insured is bleak with planned triple premium increases in thirty-eight states and over seventy percent of counties offering as little as one to two choices of approved insurance companies.

The result is a further decrease in competition allowing for the increase in premiums and deductions to skyrocket. Not only are deductibles too high, depending on your plan, the Insurer only pays sixty to seventy percent of the hospital bill. The ACA has created a market that offers only two options which force consumers to either buy insurance with deductibles that are so high patient care is unaffordable, or they can pay the tax levied for not having the insurance. Both are deal breakers for the consumer.

It is a law passed to ensure President Obama’s Legacy. As with Obama’ Presidency, it is a phenomenal failure; like President Obama, it is time to go. Let this Congress finally pass a health-care bill that benefits all Americans and has no special provisions for the Congress. Let this bill stand-alone without billions of dollars in PORK and additional taxes hidden in the bill to buy votes for its passage. Pass a bill that helps make America Great Again.

“No matter what you write, someone will love it.”

This Meaning Of Quality In Health Care

The process of receiving health care services at the correct time in the appropriate way and to get the best possible outcome is defined as quality health care.

Six attributes of health care quality

• Safety – Care should not harm any patient.
• Patient centered – Individual needs should be taken care of when providing care.
• Timely – Care should be provided exactly on time.
• Effective – Care must be based on evidence.
• Efficient – Wastage of time should be reduced.
• Equitable – Equal care should be provided to every patient.

What is quality health care?

The meaning of quality health care is not the same for all people. According to some patients, quality care is to consult a doctor, to get proper treatment from the staffs of a hospital and to have a physician who can spend much time with the patient. But all these things are secondary. Clinical quality of care is the most important thing because more lives can be saved by providing evidence-based and high quality care.

Does quality equal safety?

Yes, quality equals safety. The quality of care is to be improved by the health care providers because it can save more lives of the patients.

How is health care quality measured?

Outcome indicators and process indicators are the two ways of measuring quality of care. Timelines and baseline practices are measured by process indicators. Complication rates, mortality rates and infection rates are measured by outcome indicators.

These indicators can be looked at by the consumer to compare the hospitals. National accreditations, recognitions and state of the hospital should also be looked at by you to measure quality.

What are quality measures and quality indicators?

The process of converting the medical information of a patient into percentage or rate to analyze the quality of care provided by the hospitals to their patients is called a quality measure. You will be given information by quality measures about how the patients are provided care by the hospital. This quality information can be used by you to compare the quality care of different hospitals.

What role do nurses and doctors play?

A very important role is played by the doctors and nurses. Quality care should be provided by all the nurses and physicians, clinically and satisfactorily. All the staffs in a hospital such as the receptionist, scrub nurse, hospital administrator, physician and the X-ray technician are responsible in providing quality care to all the patients.

Remember all these features when you will go to get quality health care from any hospital.