This Medical Records Archiving

When the question is asked “should we archive our medical data records?” one could simply say “Of course you should. After all, it is your data”. Then stand by and expect providers and hospitals to line up for data archiving services. However, let’s don’t be too hasty.

True, there are many benefits from archiving medical records whether they are static records that are needed for long term reference or patient active records that are needed in ongoing patient services. Either way it is important to remember that potential risk accompanies potential gain.

When new technology is being considered it is especially important to evaluate the risks. It has always been true that our technology potential exceeds our proven, time-tested skill to exploit that potential. Among the benefits of new technology are increased processing speed and ease of access. So mistakes can be made faster and more people will be given opportunities to make them.

Specifically consider the Cloud for storage of archived records. There is still much discussion about long term security of data held in the

About All Occupational Stress

Although there are ceaseless debate about the meaning of stress and countless definitions of occupational stress, simply put, occupational stress are those overt and covert behavioral responses to external stimuli in the work environment which places excessive psychological and physical demand upon the person. It is a subjective feeling or response as a result of the conflict between the demands of the job or characteristics of the workplace and the person’s potentials and or capabilities. In that instance, the demands of the job tend to outweigh or under task the person’s potentials and capabilities for meeting such demands.

Stress agents that lead to manifestation of occupational stress are classified into the following categories: personal stress agents, cataclysmic events, and background agents.

Personal stress agents or stimuli are those major events in one’s life that can produce an immediate stress reaction when the individual cannot meet with the demands of the job. Examples are starting school after a long period of being a business man, being elected into parliament; change into married life, starting a business after a long

Information Prevalence of Anxiety

Young man lost in depression sitting on ground street concrete stairs

You’re running late. You’ve got a presentation at work that has been looming for weeks and your car won’t start. Your in-laws are in town, your son just got suspended in school and your daughter is dating a boy you don’t like. You’re stressed, and understandably so. Sometimes the pressures in our life add up, and it can be a lot to handle. Don’t worry, you’re not going crazy; everyone has moments when they feel overwhelmed. But what happens when our stress and anxiety levels rise above the norm?

More confusing, what does it mean when we’re

The Spinal Cord Damage In Children

After spine surgery, in the rehabilitation period, you may need to manage soreness, pain, stiffness and limited mobility. Different kinds of spine surgery involve the need to limit your exercises and activities. Therefore you may require assistive tools at home.
The rehabilitation process incorporates avoiding exercises like twisting, lifting, or bending for a few weeks or even months or more.

Regularly, you must be extremely careful about your return to complete physical activities after surgery, appropriate and completely restoration of bones may take over a year.

Advantages of Post Surgery Aid Items

There are many post surgery aid items intended to make the recuperation procedure less problematic. Many are designed to provide mobility assistance and fall prevention and help you with twisting, reaching stretching, bending, turning, lifting and various other daily activities.

Here are some extremely useful items that will help you throughout the recovery period;

1. Swivel Cushion

Swivel cushions allow you to turn easily while putting less pressure on the healing part of the spine. It is normally used on chairs in homes and car seats. It is important to remember that swivel cushions will not work well in

The Dentist Anxiety

Approximately fifteen percent of the population in the United States suffers from dentist anxiety, also called dental phobia. It is not a made up phobia but as with other phobias, it is actually based on irrational fears but there are ways to overcome this phobia. For some, this phobia is debilitating. It can cause people to skip dental checkups or even not go to the dentist at all.

Causes of dentist anxiety

• Prior experience-if you have had a painful dental visit or you have gone with someone to the dentist that had a painful experience it could cause you to develop this phobia during future visits. The actual procedure was not painful but it could have been due to the insensitivity to your anxiety that aggravated it.
• Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or anxiety disorder-there are some that suffer from PTSD or general anxiety disorder and having dentist phobia is just one of their many fears they suffer from.
• Abusive history-if someone has a history of being a victim of emotional or sexual abuse they may associate similar fears with they are under the care of an authority figure, like the dentist. Even though

This Facts About Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is inflammation of gums that results from buildup of tartar or plaque, which results in periodontal pockets that support growth of bacteria. This disease can easily be controlled if detected early enough. This is why it is important for individuals to have regular dental checkups and cleanings annually. Here are essential facts about gum disease that you must know.

It is common

Periodontal disease is quite common all over the world. It is reported that almost 85 percent of adults experience this condition. Therefore, if one is not careful, then they can also develop periodontal issues. Early detection of this disease can ensure that buildup of plaque is eliminated and it does not advance to gingivitis or periodontitis over time.


Periodontal disease is caused by poor oral health hygiene practices. You might develop gum disease if you are not brushing your teeth as recommended or are using improper flossing and brushing techniques. Daily brushing and flossing of teeth is crucial as it eliminates leftover bacteria that form plaque, which results in tartar and breaks down your teeth.

Gum disease indicates other medical problems

Even though gum disease is

Tips Choosing a Good Orthodontist

If you have some specific dental problems and you have been looking for a good professional, we suggest hiring the services of a good orthodontist. With proper treatment, you can get a great smile and delicious bite without spending an arm and a leg. So, we suggest that you consider the 5 things given below prior to hiring a good professional.

1. Trust-ability

As with choosing any professional, such as a plumber, mechanic, lawyer or accountant, we suggest that you base your choice on the basis of the trust factor. The doctor you choose should have your best interest in mind. He should not look at you as a money making opportunity.

Since the economy has lots of issues these days, you may have heard of professionals who tend to “over-treat” patients in order to make as much money as possible. Some professionals even try to perform treatments that they are not qualified for. As a result, they end up doing substandard treatment putting the life of the patients at risk.

2. Clinical Excellence

At times, you may not be able to determine if the professional will be able to do your

Reasons You Need Professional Dental Cleanings

Professional dental cleanings are important because they have a direct impact on your overall health. Dental cleanings will help to keep your smile bright and prevent serious illnesses. Even though brushing and regular flossing at home is important, regular cleanings and checkups should be scheduled annually. Here are five key reasons why you require professional cleanings.

Healthy smile

You must consult a dental hygienist twice every year for you to maintain a healthy, bright smile and enhance overall body health. It is good for every individual to practice excellent oral hygiene in their homes. However, professional cleaning of your teeth will remove buildup of plaque or tartar that is not eliminated by regular floss or brushing. Your dental hygienist will also remove stains resulting from tobacco, tea or coffee.

Improve your health

Poor oral health is associated with a wide range of serious medical problems. Therefore, regular dental checkups can lower the risks of having conditions, such as strokes, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and bone loss. In addition, oral cancer can be detected early, managed and even cured. Your gums are a direct reflection of your body health. Therefore, your dentist can diagnose

Changing the Face With PACS

PACS stands for radiology picture archiving communications systems and lately, you might have seen lot of PACS system installed in the health radiology departments across the country. This system comes very handy to the medical professionals as one can capture, store, send and display medical images from one workstation to another workstation.

It has totally transformed the working of the radiology department as it has simplified scheduling, patient tracking and generation of reports and that too in time. It also allows X-ray and CAT-scan images to be electronically stored and then view them on the computer screen. PACS not only creates film less images but also improves the diagnosis methods as doctor’s get full access to compare multiple images by the click of the button through PACS.

PACS has improved the working of the hospital by increasing the efficiency of diagnosis and reporting. Every hospital and healthcare centre wants to deliver best services to their patients, to simplify the process, and to meet the demands of the patients; hospitals have opted for PACS.

There are various reasons why in these days medical centers are going for PACS, but one out of them is speed

Your Quality Of Life

Quality of Life Verses Caregiver Burnout

Yesterday you were a father, mother, son, daughter, or a blood relative. Suddenly, and without warning, circumstances have placed you in the role of caregiver for a loved one. Some caregiver training will be made available to you and other family members.

Nonetheless, this transition process can be daunting and seemingly overwhelming, but it’s not mission impossible. When unexpected circumstances put a family member into the role of caregiver, quality of life takes on new meaning.

When the quality of life for a caregiver suffers, the effectiveness of the caregiver is reduced. In my three decade professional nursing career, I saw burnout destroy careers of many a good nurse. Burnout zaps the effectiveness of a caregiver.

When care giving for anyone, especially a loved one, you never want to lose your effectiveness. Quality of life for the caregiver is directly proportional to their effectiveness as a caregiver and the quality of life for their loved one. There is a better than average chance, research indicates about a 75% chance, you will be faced with burnout.

If you have the responsibility of caring for a loved one, compromising

Affordable Care Act About Health

The Democrats have forgotten they passed a health-care bill that nobody read, where Nancy Pelosi famously said they had to pass to see what was in it, when not a single Republican voted in favor and has greatly exceeded the original Congressional Budget Office (CBO) cost projections.

It has been a failure from the beginning. Soon, we will witness its welcomed demise. Taxpayers were duped and lied to by President Obama, and the Democratic Party. They were sold a worthless bill of goods. If you cannot afford it, and the deductibles exceed the ability to pay… it is useless to the consumer. The only ones who have benefited from the Affordable Care Act (ACA} are the Congress because they exempted themselves from participation.

Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) named House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) its February 2017 Porker of the Month for her long history of misinformation and hyperbole regarding the ACA.

In January 2017, Nancy Pelosi stated, the Affordable Care Act accomplished ” it’s three purposes to increase coverage, expand those who got healthcare; to improve benefits, and to lower costs, and it has succeeded in every way.” It appears, every time

This Meaning Of Quality In Health Care

The process of receiving health care services at the correct time in the appropriate way and to get the best possible outcome is defined as quality health care.

Six attributes of health care quality

• Safety – Care should not harm any patient.
• Patient centered – Individual needs should be taken care of when providing care.
• Timely – Care should be provided exactly on time.
• Effective – Care must be based on evidence.
• Efficient – Wastage of time should be reduced.
• Equitable – Equal care should be provided to every patient.

What is quality health care?

The meaning of quality health care is not the same for all people. According to some patients, quality care is to consult a doctor, to get proper treatment from the staffs of a hospital and to have a physician who can spend much time with the patient. But all these things are secondary. Clinical quality of care is the most important thing because more lives can be saved by providing evidence-based and high quality care.

Does quality equal safety?

Yes, quality equals safety. The quality of care is to be

About Sleep Deprivation

How often have you faced the situation when you are trying to sleep, but you are not able to? You might end up spending the entire night tossing and turning in your bed. Situations like this may occur to anyone, maybe due to some worry or out of excitement for something that’s going to happen the following day. However, if it becomes a usual affair, it can be terrible, indicating sleep problems, such as insomnia, sleep deprivation, sleep apnea, etc. It can do more damage than one could imagine.

Since the mind and the body rely on correct sleep pattern to function normally, a good eight-hour sleep is much needed for a healthy life. Cutting corners on sleep could be detrimental for both mental and physical health. In other words, compromising on sleep to meet certain responsibilities or to get a bit of extra leisure time can have severe negative effects on both mental and physical health, causing a high stress level, irritability, cardiac morbidity and numerous other health issues.

While a lot of people are unable to get their forty winks owing to significant changes in their lifestyle, a few others may go through the

Here How to Improve Your Mental Health

1. Limit Negative Self Talk – We all have those moments when we hear the chatter in our minds telling us that we’re not good enough or that we won’t be able to accomplish our goals. I like to call it the “itty bitty shitty committee.” Some days the shitty committee is quiet and we are full of confidence and roaring like a lion and then two days later the shitty committee is screaming loudly and we feel like we can’t do anything right. Here’s what you need to know about your negative self talk… It’s all a lie, don’t believe the hype! The key is awareness. When you catch yourself thinking those negative thoughts, tell the committee you’re not having it! Look at yourself in the mirror and say “I’m good enough to have peace, success and all my dreams.” Replace those negative thoughts with positive ones and you’ll soon find that the committee gets more and more quiet.

2. Practice Mindfulness – In our fast moving world, it’s becoming critical that we have the ability to quiet our minds, get still and connect with our inner being. Finding just 5 minutes a day to

The Psychiatric Emergencies

Many of us have come in direct contact with a mentally-disturbed person; some even have a family member who is psychotic. Because of the mental and emotional disturbances involved in a psychiatric emergency and the unpredictability of the victim’s actions and reactions, this situation calls more for interaction skills – tact, kindness, confidence and firmness – than for medications (as a first resort).

Here are some of the conditions that produce mental illness and abnormal behavior in people – with or without any physical disease.

Acute psychosis: This can be a manifestation by itself, or it can be part of a mentally disturbed state like Schizophrenia or Mania. It could occur in a person predisposed to psychosis such as one having a schizoid or maniacal personality. There is acute restlessness, agitation and also thought disorder, delusions and hallucinations.

In delusions, a rope may appear like a snake to the person affected, while in hallucination he will hear sounds or see things that don’t exist, e.g., he may hear God’s voice urging him to kill someone, or he may see pink elephant flying about shooting him with arrows, so he may actually respond to these

The ADD and ADHD Treatments

Children are subjects to a wide range of distractions and stimuli that can have an adverse effect on their concentration. This can happen at home and in school settings and for those who suffer from ADD and ADHD, the effects from these distractions can be severe. It can impair their ability to form relationships and it certainly can impact their educational potential. While removing distractions can help, children with ADD and ADHD require additional skills to help maintain their concentration. The best way to provide these skills is by engaging with programs that are designed to foster concentration and thereby give those with ADD and ADHD the skills the need to succeed.

Helping Them, Help Themselves

There are two main ADD and ADHD treatments that are proven to help increase concentration in those with ADD and ADHD. Both Interactive Metronome Therapy and Neurofeedback Therapy have a proven track record in helping those with ADD and ADHD maintain higher levels of concentrations long after they have discontinued the treatments. What these treatments do is provide those with ADD and ADHD the brain training necessary to help them maintain concentration and focus and thus it also improves

The Anxiety and Movies

During my twenties, I loved thriller movies. The more exciting they were, the better. Tom Cruise all the way! It would give me a couple of hours of escapism, a rest from the everyday, and a sense of participating in life’s most exciting events.

Then my ‘dark years’ began, and my world was stalled by anxiety and depression. Unable to care for myself, others, or sometimes even to get out of bed. Unexplained pains led me to the Emergency Room, and life felt like it was a painful waste.

This went on for half a decade, and needless to say that all the while, I was disinterested in watching exciting movies. Nervous excitement, tension and adrenaline rushes were my everyday and I had no need of additional ‘pumping up’ in search of entertainment.

Physical effects

My pulse would race, my heart ache, my head spin, and the excitement in the movie soon made me feel claustrophobic, so that I had to be out of the room. It can be so hard to explain that anxiety brings real, physical effects, but they go undetected and disbelieved because doctors can’t distinguish the changes in chemicals

Mental Illness By Children

Children are the most beautiful creations of God. To raise a well-rounded child, many parents go the extra mile to establish a strong support system so that he or she feels competent and confident. But no one can imagine the plight of the parents whose children are diagnosed with a mental illness. Parenting a child with mental illness can be quite challenging. In such a scenario, the best thing to do is to accept the problem and seek professional help at the earliest.

Sadly, mental disorders, be it in children or adults, lack societal acceptance, with most of the people struggling with a mental disease feeling terrified to come out in public. This kind of disparity is strongly driven by the lack of knowledge and awareness about mental disorders, which not only strengthens the myths surrounding mental illnesses, but also isolates and marginalizes the patients.

Very few mentally ill children receive proper treatment

For children with mental disorders, the best approach is to track the potential triggers and symptoms early on and consult a physician to make a diagnosis and initiate the treatment. Sadly, only few children receive proper treatment for their mental ailment

The Reason Gardening Is Good For Your Health

Spring is in the air. And when spring is on the horizon, many of us are aching to get out and plant a garden. In the interim, there are a lot of garden shows and seeds that we can buy to plan our ultimate garden outside. Spring is such a hopeful time of year.

But did you know that gardening had a lot of health benefits too. When we are out in nature to garden, we get to commune with nature and we get to feel so much better about ourselves and about life in general. Many times, our problems just melt away, and we release a lot of feel good endorphins.

But there are more benefits than this even. In this article I will outline some of these benefits of gardening in more detail so that you can also get urge to start planning your garden earlier this year than ever.

So, without further ado, here are the known benefits of gardening.

• When you plant your seeds in the ground and watch them grow, you have a sense of achievement and accomplishment. This can help you to feel better and more motivated.

• You will weed out negative thoughts. As you are

About This One’s Mental Health Problem

Stress has become an inevitable part of everyone’s life these days. With hectic work schedule and daunting deadlines to meet, most people have got accustomed to living pressured lives. In such a fast-paced world, it is not easy for a person to have control over the rapidly changing circumstances, which has an adverse impact on his or her mind and body.

Consequently, in this ever-growing tussle, more and more people are getting exposed to various mental health conditions, such as anxiety and depression, which prevent them from fulfilling their potential. Sadly, not many people get help for their mental issues due to the stigma and myths surrounding such disorders. Moreover, a majority of patients hesitate to discuss and share their mental health concerns with others, which often leads to a delay in seeking medical help.

As a result, many continue to struggle with their condition without any help and support, ultimately leading to chronic disabilities and life-threatening conditions. One can combat the crippling symptoms by following certain self-help techniques. But first of all, one must be upfront to discuss his or her mental issues with a loved one so that adequate steps could be taken